Board Members

Gary Williams - Director

Gary Williams - Director

Gary Williams is the founder and the face of Assured Home Loans. Assured Finance was established in 1989. 

Gary has always been a keen supporter of many charities with the primary aim to make a difference in the lives of people in our local and global community.

Gary is the proud father of 5 children.
"Success can only be measured by the level of influence you have over others and how much you can do to help them. There is something special about seeing how children's faces light up when they get spoilt. I am delighted how the Assured team have got behind this foundation to offer a gift of love where the whole family can celebrate life together forever".

Jacquie Lavis - Director

Jacquie Lavis (BA) - Director

Jacquie is the Chief Finance Officer at Assured Home Loans she has been with Assured Since February 1997.

Jacquie is passionate about creating unique and personal memories for families dealing with cancer. She is married with two young children and being a parent has given her the drive to make the ‘My Diary’ Experience with the Assured Foundation an memorable and irreplaceable one.


Frank Granozio - Director

Frank commenced in the financial planning industry as a sole practitioner in 1987. He now holds a proper authority via Charter Financial Planning. Frank completed his Diploma in Financial Planning and obtained CFP status on 2002. He is the Company Director of BCFR Financial Services Pty Ltd which was established on 1st January 2000. Frank is married with two girls.

“I share the foundation’s desire to offer assistance and hope to families who are dealing with the traumatic experience of a child who is afflicted with a life threatening disease.
The foundation is proactive in ensuring the needs of the child and the family are catered for in an honest and loving manner.”

Jerry Rossi (BEC FCA) - Director

Jerry is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He has a Bachelor of Economics Degree with a Major in Commerce. Jerry established BCFR Chartered Accountants in 1990 and today the practice employs over 40 people.

Jerry is married with two children in primary school and enjoys devoting a lot of his spare time to be involved in their sporting activities. This includes coaching their schools boys and girls soccer and tennis teams. It is this involvement which has drawn Jerry to the Assured Foundation. Jerry enjoys being involved with children and is aware that some children can be less fortunate than others.



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