My Diary

The 'My Diary' experience is where the special child gets to star in their own mini-movie. The Assured Foundation take the family on a magic journey capturing the moment all on film for the family to revisit this experience.

We take every member of that family, sit them down and just very casually ask questions like 'tell us what happened on the weekend?' this gives every member of the family a chance to capture all their thoughts, memories and moments of the time they have just had.

It takes about 2-3 weeks for the edited footage to be made into a 30 minute mini-movie. We will then meet with the family one night after work to view the family’s package on video/DVD at Assured House. Then it's the families to take home and keep for ever. No other people outside of Assured will view this special event without the family’s permission.

The end result is a beautiful memory of a family spending a very special time together as a complete group all captured on video/DVD. These memories will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

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