Sachi though only 11 radiated a calm and serene presence that lifted all those around her, she lived by a strong desire to make others happy and by being happy herself she had that effect on all who knew her.

Sachi and her little sister Misa , Mum Yae and Dad Bahram along with a loved Aunty enjoyed their Gift from Gary so much, the look on her face when she went up in the helicopter with Gary and Mum showed her delight. As the rest of the family enjoyed a ride to the Barossa in a Hummer, Sachi had a rare view of the countryside; in her mind I can see her thinking of how animals like birds and butterflies enjoy this sight. Sachi loved and adored all animals. When they arrived at the resort Sachi enjoyed a beautiful meal with her family and Gary.

They played on the giant chess set which Sachi just loved; Sachi laughed and accepted this generous gift as she did with all things in her life, with grace, humility and love for all who share the world.
It was a special day which we know she treasured and which will also remain so for those she left behind.

Sachi passed away in February 2009 and we remember her for her love of all creatures great and small.

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